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Kazeroun power plant

This power station is located in the south of Iran,in Fars province and in the vicinity of Kazeroun city.it is about 12 Km away from this city.Its first stage started in 1994 and it was installed by Mitsubish company and at that time they provided the model of MW701D and it included 2 units of that model

                     The execution operation of  second stage started in 2001 with the model of V94-2.its 6 units was prepared in 2002 and 2003.The generation capacity of Mitubishi units is 128.5 MWH and the generation capacity of V94-2 units is 159 MWH.it is important to say that the first generator made in IRAN was installed in this power plant

                    The third stage of this powerplant included 3 steam turbines .They were made by Iran and Germany and the first unit was installed in 2007 and the other units were completed in 2008.At the moment the overall capacity of this powerplant has reached to 1373 MWH


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