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Our capabilites

    SFPGMC due to its 25 years record in operation and maintenance of a verity of different units of power plants has these


A:We are able to operate combined cycle power plants and other types of power plants including gas and diesel and steam power plant and wind turbines.We can refer to these types of power plants models such as SIEMENS V94.2 and MITSUBISHI MW701D and GE-F5 and steam power plants units of SIEMENS company(type E) and also we can operate different types of deisels and wind turbines. 



  B: We have experience in the maintenance of gas units of V94.2,MW701D,GE-F5,GE-F9 and their CCI,HGI and MOI repairs

C: We are able to maintain boilers and couplings and boilers feed pumps and hydro turbines and extraction pumps and gearboxes and an extensive diversity of   pumps and electro motors used in power plants



D: Watching the conditions of equipment (CM), the condition monitoring such as thermo graphic , trembling analyzes and oil analyzes

E: We can provide the consulting about technical issues related to power generation units

F: We can provide any consulting about chemical issues of power plants


G: We have wide range of experiences about supplying power plants equipment

H: We can provide the consulting about safty, health and environment(HSE) of power plant work places






 I: We are able to inspect a verity of different operations and maintenances of gas and steam units and boilers and pumps

J: We can provide different types of power plant education about operation and maintenance of gas and steam (turbines (V94-2,MW701D, GE-F5  



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