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Human Resources

Human Resources and Development Department


1. Evaluation of employee competencies with the successor approach.

2. Evaluation of job satisfaction, organizational commitment and staffing requirements annually.

3. Assessing the level of employee knowledge with Nonaka-Tagochi Knowledge Management Model Approach.

4. Follow-up and review of organizational strategies.

5. Evaluation of the company's quality systems and the adoption of IMS standards

6. Receiving the EFQM Excellence Award in 2012 and Excellence in Human Resources in 2013.

7. Training 14 people in the IMS standard.

8. Cooperation to establish suggestions system in the company.

9. Recruitment, assignment of duties and determination of employees' salaries and benefits in a centralized manner.

10. Training 62 specialist and experienced human resources for Jahrom Power Plant, They have done the function of operation & maintenance of Jahrom Combined cycle power plant for 13 years.

11. Supervision of Operation and Maintenance of Behbahan Power Plant and the specific power plant of  Damavand Petrochemical Complex (Assaluyeh).

 12. Implementation of training courses.

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