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» Kangan Power plant


                  This power station is located in the south of Iran,in Boushehr province and in the vicinity of Jam is about 30 Km away from this city and the altitude of this powerplant is about 800 m above the sea level.the units of this powerplant were installed in different occations.

                     The first stage started in 1995 and their models were F5-MARK1 and it included one unit with the capacity of 14 MWH  and 6 units with the capacity of 25MWH.This power plant can be consider as the most stable power plant in Iran.This power plant play a crucial role in supplying the electric power in this region.Due to significant decrease in the voltage level of this area,the importance of this powerplant was drastically increased.At the moment the overall capacity of this powerplant has reached to 164 MWH 

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